Travelling, playing and magic: «Consecrate life to the truth» (or «Travelling will set you free»)


Today I paid attention to my own words: I always say that in order to travel you do not need a lot of money, there are always ways to do it and it can be to a nearby place. As I mentioned in my talk on travelling: «it can be to the park on the corner, observed with the eyes of a tourist, with genuine curiosity (…) You just have to know how to observe and be curious; and sometimes you have to leave your own place to be amazed and reflect on it»… I believe in the power and magic of travel and I truly feel that we must take advantage of that not only to entertain ourselves but also to know oneself (as indicated by the Greek aphorism inscribed in the pronaos of the temple of Apollo in Delphi), since a world with people who know one another as well as themselves, who learn and who explore is a happier world. So, taking advantage of the beautiful day, I made my way to the park on the corner of my building, literally. It is «Plaza Lavalle», in  a neighbourhood called «San Nicolás» in the city centre in Buenos Aires, which has another park in front.

I chose the one in front first, and went around the block… I saw people sunbathing, others drinking «mate» (our typical drink here), others doing both, sitting in chairs that they had brought from their homes, or on the same benches of the square, or a blanket (or their own clothes) on the grass. Children riding bicycles or rollerblades while asking their parents to watch them do their feats: «Look, ma! Look, pa!» The trees were flowered and one particularly caught my eye:

I kept walking and saw a woman washing her hands on a tap. She was a bit misaligned, she was carrying a dusty and dirty bag, and she was talking to herself… She said something like «I’m going to take everything from you… You’re going to be left with nothing.» There was no one nearby… She sounded furious…

At that time I decided to get away from there and kept walking, and suddenly I was thinking that maybe her words could have a meaning in my life (although I prayed that those didn’t) and I remembered that there was an «exercise» that I once heard or read about somewhere that consisted of paying attention to our surroundings to «see messages»… Some say that life/the universe gives us signals in different ways and we must be attentive to see them. So I decided to play that «game», and asked myself a question about what I have to do with respect to an issue of my life, how to get a specific result in that area… And I just happened to see what I suppose, according to this «game»,  would be the answer (below the year; in English it’s «Consecrate life to the truth«):

Assuming that this happened by chance, I want to say what I said in my talk on travelling: for me, chance is a very incomprehensible and, therefore, magical element. Sometimes I wonder if what comes up was actually predestined, decided in advance, meant to be, or was simply random…
This kind of game of searching and finding signs seems entertaining to me and I feel that it has a bit of «magic» too. And I found a great link supporting everything with that phrase that appeared when I asked my question to myself: it has to do with being genuine, with doing what is true for us, and in my case it is travelling, because I feel that travelling makes me free, just as the biblical phrase says of «the truth» (and here I’d like to point out that, in fact, I am not religious because I feel that religion, like everything in life, is a personal path that everyone will be discovering along the way, as time goes by, perhaps by travelling also, according to their own moments, and it is what each person decides it should be and will have the meaning that they want, because the meanings for their own life are put by those who live that life, so only their interpretation will be the correct for themselves)… and this, exactly, I’ve discovered by travelling, by delivering talks on that topic, and by going to the park on the corner due to that impulse to travel and pay attention to my own words… and to pay attention to myself I am «consecrating my life to the truth», which, like travelling, makes me free, thanks to which I can assume that the universe is showing me that I’m on the right track.

This is, of course, the interpretation that I choose to give to this incident… but it is the one that emerges from myself. Another does not occur to me because the who receives these messages is me, who is the same person that interprets them. So mine would be the most valid interpretation for my own life.

That message is on the front wall of a school building, and I suppose it would be like its motto. If what it means is that its graduates must be genuine, make of their life what they like most and must work for their truth (since this, at times, is subjective and is what each person sees depending on their respective point of view because, as one teacher of mine said, «we live in a world of interpretations»), I think it is the best advice. It was the one that, somehow, I gave in my talk on travelling (and, incidentally, other talks dealt with topics such as the magic of life and games, very connected with travelling and with what that I mention here, and it happened to me because I, in this trip to the park, went out in search of that and made it happen). And this talk that I delivered was the one that inspired me to make this «trip to the park» thanks to which I saw that message which, before leaving my house, I was carrying out to pay attention to my own words and «consecrate my life to my truth. » So, once again, I feel that, at least in my life, travelling is the answer to everything: it is my religion, and it sets me free by helping me discover my own truth: that of being happy by travelling.

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