Travelling makes us human: mirrors around the world


A while ago I was thinking what is the most important thing I learn from my travels, since the personal objective I have when travelling is to learn and share what I learn. And the most important thing I could mention now is that, basically, we are all the same, we share certain characteristics, certain experiences and feelings, no matter where we live, in what continent we are, what our idiosyncrasy is, our culture or skin color. We all have dreams, we all care about loved ones and we all need to be recognized.

When I went to Vietnam, I made a friend who has the dream of being a Cabin Crew, and struggles to make it come true. When I was in Thailand I met two other girls who have the same desire to fly and make friends around the world. In South Korea another girl with whom I shared hostel has this dream too, and is also afraid of not being able to fulfill it. Another friend I made there tells me that his dad calls him to see if he’s okay and if he needs anything … My friend is over 40 years old. And yet his father still worries about him as if he still were a child … In all the countries of the world we share these things: we are all the same in our humanity.
I am meeting more and more people whose main dream is to know others, to visit other countries and to get to know other parts of the world, that is, to know other worlds. The people I’ve been meeting do not care so much about doing something that they do not like to follow mandates, but building a life that they like. And it is nice to recognize oneself in another person that, at first sight, is different, with other beliefs, other traits, but, after all, s/he is as human as I am and as so much to teach me about their world.
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Alejandra de Picciotto
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