I have a problem: I am addicted.
To travel.
Not long ago I learned that my problem (addiction to travel and to be all the time in different places) has a name: dromomania. And the truth is that I use different channels to give a healthy outlet to this obsession that I have. One of them is this space 🙂
And since here I feel confident, I’d like to thank you, my readers, for allowing me this place, as well as motivate you to use it as your own place to express yourselves, and share with you that in a few days I will be giving my first talk in Buenos Aires about travelling, and how to take advantage of that experience in order to learn to be good travellers and to better observe our reality to be happier and more reflective people, and better citizens … to create a better world.
My talk will be called as one of my articles published here: «Travel: a Human Right«, and I would like to share here part of what I will explain:
«… personally, I think travelling helps us to get to know others and, in doing so, we get to know ourselves, and therefore, we are happier, and (since we are in confidence in this self-help group that I consider my space) I can say that happy people do not bother others, so travelling can help you make a happier, more harmonious world, with more tolerant, more understanding, more considerate people. The secret of happiness is travelling: to be happier, a possible solution is to travel, and a world with people who travel, who explore, who do not lose the capacity for wonder and curiosity, is a world with less dissatisfied people, with less fanaticism, less fundamentalisms that blinds us in the decisions we make, with less narrowness of mind, less ignorance that brings prejudices and fights, and more happy human beings. That’s why I have no cure and I’d like to take the passion for travel to every corner of the world: travelling brings magic to our lives so that the world is a better place than the one we found when we arrived here.
And this brings me to the subject of travelling alone: ​​by travelling alone we can develop autonomy, connect with our own interests and emotions, make decisions, get to know each other. It’s an experience that I think everyone should have some time. And it should be a compulsory subject in schools.
In my travels I’ve discovered that by asking questions and requesting help, new things can be discovered that were not intended to be inquired about in the original question, and I’ve learned to see the magic of events that, at first glance, may seem negative … For example, in Japan I lost a flight. .. but thanks to that, I asked what was the cheapest accommodation near the airport … If I had not missed my flight, I would not have asked that question … and if I had not asked so, I would not have discovered something that for me is amazing: the capsule hotel in Narita airport, which is shown in the video below.

Broadening our spectrum of experiences and discovering new realities helps us to be more creative beings, who can think differently, who do not conform with only one way of doing things, of feeling, of living … And a society with people like this gives birth to better leaders, who show us, like a mirror, what we have inside…
Travelling outward is, in reality, an inward journey. And it’s an excuse to get back to ourselves … »

Thank you for your attention 🙂
Do you also suffer from dromomania? Where would you like to wander this time?
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Alejandra de Picciotto
Alejandra de Picciotto, cuyo pseudónimo literario es Alura, es una nómade del Cielo. Nacida en una pequeña localidad del oeste suburbano de Buenos Aires, en Argentina, actualmente se desempeña como Auxiliar de Vuelo, aunque su primera carrera fue como Docente, Profesora de Inglés, que sigue ejerciendo simultáneamente de distintas formas. También es Coach, escritora y bloggera en www.aluratravels.com . Cuando no está volando, está tratando de cumplir sueños en la tierra, porque tiene la gran convicción de que los sueños se han hecho para cumplirse. "Amo las historias de sueños cumplidos" :)

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