Travel: a human right


Today I want to share with all nomad souls the reflection of a writer and philosopher named Roxana Kreimer, from her book «Round the World Trip with Philosophy» that kept me company throughout my trip round South Korea in which, as a responsible traveler, I thought all the time about my next article and, reading these impressions, I decided it would be nice to share them with you.

She tells us:
«Routines constrain thinking and creativity. Travel activates new neural networks and offers «aha moments» about problems we have tried to solve for a long time. Adults have the possibility to experience the world as children do. It is a key to human experience, and traveling is a way to increase it. It can awaken us from the dogmatic dream and break our previous schemes.»
What do you think? Do you agree? Share your impressions in the comments

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Alejandra de Picciotto
Alejandra de Picciotto, cuyo pseudónimo literario es Alura, es una nómade del Cielo. Nacida en una pequeña localidad del oeste suburbano de Buenos Aires, en Argentina, actualmente se desempeña como Auxiliar de Vuelo, aunque su primera carrera fue como Docente, Profesora de Inglés, que sigue ejerciendo simultáneamente de distintas formas. También es Coach, escritora y bloggera en . Cuando no está volando, está tratando de cumplir sueños en la tierra, porque tiene la gran convicción de que los sueños se han hecho para cumplirse. "Amo las historias de sueños cumplidos" :)

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  1. Hi, Ale. Yes, I agree, I think that whenever I arrive back home from travelling in Argentina or abroad I usually come different I feel lighter and I think problems in different ways, like having the possibility to solve them. I don not get overwhelmed with anxiety. Thank you so much!!

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