The day after my talk (or «The decision I’ve taken for my future self»)


All the preparation for my talk about travelling, and even more the moments after delivering it – which I take to process everything that happened -, have come together to create a decision: if future events allow me to do so, after I retire, I will sell everything (because from this life we ​​will not take anything but what we have lived, so I will not need anything material) and I will live my last years in hostels and cruises, travelling.

I am the eldest of three siblings, who will be young, living their lives and I will not want to bother them with my old manners. And although I do not like to think about it, many people I love will no longer be with me and will hopefully be waiting for me in another dimension, where my father is now always taking care of me during my travelling adventures… This project makes me have to deal with something I haven’t paid so much attention to: my health. I have to get there with energy to be able to carry this out.

In my talk I spoke about:
. the thousands of benefits that travelling, alone or accompanied, has: it is an experience that every human being should have at some point in their life, and a compulsory subject in schools (each person can create and invent new reasons to travel)
. travel as a Human Right: only by existing it is our right to know the world in which we were born and our duty to exert it, and nobody can prevent us from doing so
. spontaneity, the connection with the present moment and the passage of time in travel
. the new neuronal connections that new travel experiences offer us
. the connections of travel with the struggle for our dreams, for our vocation and, ultimately, for our happiness
. the growth to which travel exposes us: it gives us superpowers that in normal life we ​​do not have, since we solve problems, we see everything with different eyes, we are more willing to see everything in a positive way and learn from it; it takes away the fear of uncertainty
. the magic that travel brings to this world and to our lives
. the happiness that travel gives us and a quality that every wise human being acquires: self-knowledge. All this creates a world of happy people, from which emerge creative leaders who love their humanity.

I hope I have been able to convince more people to travel, to encourage others to do so; to leave excuses aside and undertake that trip they have postponed for so long, and I do wish to have been able to show that it is not necessary to travel to very far-away places or to be rich to travel: TRAVEL IS NOT A MATTER OF MONEY BUT OF COURAGE.
The intention is to create a legion of travellers who take the passion for travel to every corner of the world and generate even more followers of the movement who keep it alive as disciples. Because a world with people who travel is a more harmonious world, with happier people.

All this was what finally formed this decision in my mind.
And what I like the most is that, as time goes by, I’m going to WISH to get old, I’m going to look forward to it and I’m not going to get sad when I see that my hair turns white and wrinkles come: it will be a sign that my wish is going to come true very soon.

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