One of the first things I learned (or, rather, reaffirmed) in my aeronautical work, and with the subsequent trips that my chosen profession has allowed me to do, is that time flies.

There is a limited time to go from point A to point B beyond which we can no longer travel since there is no more fuel: every flight/trip has a beginning, a development and an end. And this is so with life and with absolutely everything that exists: relationships, friendships, existence itself. There are inevitable turbulences that we must go through (some that are terrifying, but from which we can emerge stronger if we really want so, after which we can make vital decisions for our life, which reaffirm our tenacity, the right we have not to give permission for something / someone to harm us, and that will make us overcome fears because our mind will remember the last thing we did before that adversity, which was not to flee but to face it again and overcome it, we were stronger… and we haven’t died), but everything, absolutely everything, has an end – although now it does not seem so -, in time it is forgotten, it is solved in some way, and, in the best of cases and if we decide so, we learn from that. This, in fact, is not something good or bad: it is what it simply is and what happens. It is what everyone chooses to make of it, what everyone decides for it to be.

My current profession is my vocation and the work for which I’ve fought, overcome fears and exposed myself to a thousand failures and frustrations because I considered it, precisely, a call to fulfill what I felt was my mission in this life, which is to collaborate with interconnectivity, in contributing to make everyone feel part of the same geography through the connection of people, places and ideas, in uniting the world through space and time (a theme that has always fascinated me) and shortening distances that separate, while contributing to make others travel safely and comfortably, and enjoy an activity as enriching as travelling and exploring the world in which we happened to be born. And from it I also learned that first you have to take care of yourself in order to take care of others: if oxygen masks fall because of a depressurization, I have to put it on first before assisting others. And in life on ground, the same thing happens: I cannot help others if I do not help myself first… I cannot continue travelling or contribute to others doing it if first I’m not well and I do not take care of myself, or if I do not enjoy it myself… In order to fulfill my dream of travelling, I have to take care of my health and reach old age with energy.

A bad takeoff does not necessarily result in a bad landing, as well as the other way around: not everything that starts badly ends in the same way. And this leads me to the fact that there are a thousand possibilities, a thousand options that are interconnected, the product of a chain of wills and other people’s acts that are beyond our control, a thousand unforeseen events that we must flow with and that we must accept. What we make of them, and whether or not we take advantage of the opportunities they can create, depends on us. There are things that, like it or not, we cannot control, and we must trust we can use any outcome to our favor.
Life is uncertainty. We can learn to see that as something magical: if anything can happen, then everything is possible.

When we fly, we cannot backtrack in a conventional way: planes do not have a reverse gear (that’s why there is something called push back that pulls the plane backwards in order to get ready for takeoff). And, for now, in life the same thing happens: what is done is done and cannot be modified … although we can change the way we see and process our past, and in doing so, we change our present in some way, which, in turn, determines our future.
Time passes by, and quite quickly sometimes – especially when travelling. And that reminds us that we do not have all the time in the world to learn, fulfill our dreams and desires, develop, grow…

The time we have is NOW and it is the time to do what we want. There is no other.

Since I was a girl, my favorite superhero has been Superman because he can fly… Later in life I identified with Supergirl for obvious reasons: I’ve always dreamed of being able to do it. I’ve always wanted to have superpowers.
Personally, after a trip I made in 2012 with my dad, I discovered this passion that I have to travel and I made it, in some way, my profession and vocation: my mission in life. And I’ve learnt that this gave me the superpower of perseverance and that of knowing that we all have a great strength, that we have to remember that if we could do something before, we can achieve other things by applying the same persistence. Everything is possible.

What do you want to do and be? What do you want your life to be like? What do you have to do to achieve iso? Tell me in the comments 🙂

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Alejandra de Picciotto
Alejandra de Picciotto, cuyo pseudónimo literario es Alura, es una nómade del Cielo. Nacida en una pequeña localidad del oeste suburbano de Buenos Aires, en Argentina, actualmente se desempeña como Auxiliar de Vuelo, aunque su primera carrera fue como Docente, Profesora de Inglés, que sigue ejerciendo simultáneamente de distintas formas. También es Coach, escritora y bloggera en . Cuando no está volando, está tratando de cumplir sueños en la tierra, porque tiene la gran convicción de que los sueños se han hecho para cumplirse. "Amo las historias de sueños cumplidos" :)

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