Rights are not for the poor


Stop. Look around. What do you see? While reading this text and staring at your reality’s outlines, someone is probably signing an improper junk contract which will not allow him/her to make ends meet. A family has lost the maintenance for no apparent reason. Another one is no longer collecting the unemployment benefit and another one has been evicted. Also, another person has resolved that it is not worthy to stay alive. Another one, another one, another one…

Your rights and freedoms get incessantly cut. Another family has painfully and slowly been abused by a bank, then evicted. You usually get your money stolen, another student must leave university as s/he is not receiving a scholarship anymore, every single euro is in a Swiss bank.

You have been stolen your dignity and another child will inherit his parents’ poverty. What about the Spanish Constitution? This one is the most significant law and it says you have all these rights. What about the 15th article, which states that any Spanish shall be exposed to degrading treatment? You can ask the black boy who is always seen as a criminal because of his dark skin.

What about the freedom of expression? Ask the rapper who was sentenced when he wrote a song criticising the Spanish royal house. You can clearly read on the Constitution that the consumers’ financial interests shall be covered by the government. And also the informative transparency. Ask people concerned by preference shares.

A bank bailed-out with public funds (everyone funds by the way) evicts a family which has now no home, but does have debt. Where are those rights? There is a pensioner who has lost everything and his/her thief has got away with it. Where is the equality before the law?

Corruption is rapidly increasing; banks establish unfair terms. How could you keep talking about justice? What about the civic representatives who allow the people get stolen, who do not uphold us, who cut down public health funds (what makes bigger waiting lists), who cut down education funds? Then, each generation brings up lethargically. Yet who cares? Who cares self-thinking people?

Who cares having an educated population? The less you think, the easier get others to think for yourself. We are building backwardly-educated generations. Also, conservative parties are climbing; they stand for election by defending xenophobe, racist and macho speeches. They use politics of fear to bid for power.

That is the sad reality: you bring up quiescent generations who keep an eye on the last “like” or post instead of fighting to get more social rights. A rap song says:

“Mientras tú dices defender la lucha.

Sí, claro, en comentarios del Youtube.

Otras dando la cara en huelgas, desahucios,

sin egos, sin sentir miedo ni un segundo.

¿Tú? Dando lecciones desde el ciberespacio.”

Tomorrow, when you get up, another family will be evicted and nobody will be able to avoid it. I thought everybody had the right to bread, to work and home. No, that is not possible anymore. Rights are not for the poor.

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