I used to believe that those who travelled were millionaires, and that you had to have a lot of money in order to travel. Over time, I challenged those beliefs and realized that this was not necessarily the case.

In fact, I feel that it is exactly the opposite: travelling makes us millionaires …

.in experiences
.in adventures
.in wishes and dreams
.in moments of joy
.in learning and growth situations
.in risks
.in circumstances of understanding about life, the world and our mission in it
.in different viewpoints and ways of looking at existence
.in energy to live in this space
.in friendships and loves
.in willingness to help and be helped
.in mental openness, in understanding other cultures
.in humility
.in coincidences and meetings in space and time
.in decisions made, in achievements and mistakes that determine our life, our direction and our path and may also affect that of others
.in the sense of gratitude for the possibilities we have and for being able to see that sometimes we are more fortunate than we think
.in opportunities to see different realities
.in the possibilities of learning things that we did not know that we didn’t know

Travelling can never have a negative result: it can make us love our country more, or, perhaps, discover that there are other places that we love more, or which call on us in their own way in order to inhabit them, and both options are welcome. By moving places we see everything from the outside, with the benefit and privilege of understanding it better, of realising that there are much more powerful, enriching and joyful experiences than those that sometimes worry us.

Many specialists say that everything we do is aimed at achieving happiness. Others stipulate that, in reality, it is to give meaning to our existence, which is, among other things, ephemeral. I agree with the latter, and I give meaning to my life by travelling, because I feel that learning new things has magic, and from all that, at some point, something equally great will emerge: everything will come together in some great creation, which, apart from helping me with this task of giving meaning to my life, may help others too.

Travelling makes us millionaires in something much more valuable than all the money in the world: it makes us rich precisely in «world», in experiences, and it is something that can never be taken away.

It is my wish that this 2018 will lead you to make the trip of your dreams 🙂 A big Traveller’s hug!

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Alejandra de Picciotto
Alejandra de Picciotto, cuyo pseudónimo literario es Alura, es una nómade del Cielo. Nacida en una pequeña localidad del oeste suburbano de Buenos Aires, en Argentina, actualmente se desempeña como Auxiliar de Vuelo, aunque su primera carrera fue como Docente, Profesora de Inglés, que sigue ejerciendo simultáneamente de distintas formas. También es Coach, escritora y bloggera en www.aluratravels.com . Cuando no está volando, está tratando de cumplir sueños en la tierra, porque tiene la gran convicción de que los sueños se han hecho para cumplirse. "Amo las historias de sueños cumplidos" :)

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