Behind the curtain


An elderly Quixote, absent from the world, dressed up as a normal person, garnished with a grey suit and a tie, pretends not to think. A revolutionary Sancho with a Che Guevara’s t-shirt and rolled fags. A unique discussion: on one side the experience and disbelief of Quixote, on the other side lies the naïve Sancho with a young and maverick gaze.

Mister Quixote understands no longer what is going on and becomes no longer outraged nor fights against giants. Giants defeated him with briefcases. The audience is watching the show no matter what is going on behind the curtain. Sancho is speaking out lonely at the theatre entrance. The show finishes and the audience applauds while you can hear political party tunes. The actors feeling victors, collect their fees. Mister Quixote shakes his head ‘no’ while hugging Sancho. The latter has been defeated and get another cigarette ignited. The audience quits happily the theatre seats although has just witnessed a tragicomedy. Sancho asks loudly: Where are we failing? Then Quixote answers: Nowhere, dear Sancho, they act truly well.

Sancho: What should we do?

Quixote: Reading, old friend, reading.

Sancho: I do not want to read whether we are going to forget what is going on!

Quixote: This is not about reading, but educating.

As William Butler said “education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”. Do not become exhausted and submissive like Quixote. Turn strongly into naïve and excited Sancho. Let’s light the fire.

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